Flatbed Wrecker Recovery Vehicle

Meraj specializes in the production of flatbed recovery trucks featuring a hydraulically operated Sliding Platform, available in either steel or aluminum with a thickness of 4.8mm. The platform boasts a loading capacity of up to 4,500 kgs and is offered in lengths ranging from 5.8 meters to 6.7 meters. Side Rails are constructed using Aluminum Hollow Structural tubes, and a Heavy-duty Subframe, with a length of 210” or 230” depending on bed length, ensures durability.

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MFWRV Series — Flatbed Recovery Vehicle

Introducing the Meraj Flatbed Recovery Vehicle (MFWRV Series) – a state-of-the-art solution for efficient vehicle recovery and transportation. Meticulously crafted by Meraj, a leader in recovery truck manufacturing, the MFWRV Series epitomizes robust engineering and versatile functionality. This series is designed to cater to diverse towing needs, making it an indispensable asset for garages, racetracks, and corporate event logistics.


Hydraulic Sliding Platform
Choose between durable steel or lightweight aluminum options, with a substantial 4.8mm thickness for lasting resilience.
Impressive Loading Capacity
Effortlessly handles up to 4,500 kgs, ideal for a wide range of vehicles.
Customizable Length Options
Available in lengths from 5.8 meters to 6.7 meters, tailored to accommodate different vehicle sizes.
Aluminum Side Rails
Constructed with Aluminum Hollow Structural tubes for added strength without the weight.
Secure Slide-In L-Arms
Incorporates Anti-Theft Storage, blending security with convenience.
Versatile Winch Options
Equipped with either a Hydraulic or Electrical Winch to facilitate smooth towing and loading operations.
High-Quality Build
Emphasizing corrosion resistance, dimensional accuracy, and high-tensile strength for superior performance.
Quality-Tested Materials
Utilizes industry-compliant materials, ensuring optimum performance and extended service life.
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